Holidays and Reminiscing seem to go hand in hand.

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Holidays seem to trigger many feelings of nostalgia as we reawaken past memories of carefree holidays as a child. With extra time and friends and family getting together in a more relaxed atmosphere we often can rekindle those feelings of joy or happiness. Dr. Krystine Batcho an expert on nostalgia has undertaken research in this area and discovered that ‘people who are prone to nostalgia excel at maintaining personal relationships and choose healthy social ways of coping with their troubles.’ This seems like another really good reason to take more holidays and to enjoy the company of loved ones.

Some childhood memories.


Where to from here.

We’ve had many adventures together as a family but now that the kids are getting older it’s getting harder to find low budget mutually enjoyable experiences that we can do together. Now that we’re into 2013 it’s time to consider where to next as a family with teenagers.